My Girl


1. Why do you only carry a maximum of 60 passengers?
This is in accordance with the laws of SAMSA. Although we can carry 60 we recommend that we only take 50, as this is more comfortable.

2. Do you provide music?
There is a music system onboard, but we cannot cater for everyones taste, so we recommend that you bring your own.

3. Does everybody get sea-sick?
No, not everyone. We do strongly advise that if you have never gone out or know that you do get sick you should take a motion sickness tablet which is available from most pharmacies.

4. What would happen if there is bad weather?
We would then be very happy to reschedule your trip.

5. Do your vessels have their own skippers?
Yes, our skippers have all the nessesary documentation and qualifications in order to skipper our vessels.
There are also two trained crew on board to assist the skipper.